Your website is your hardest-working team member

Make it count with a strategic and functional website that brings results from day one.

Low-cost website creation for new businesses

Wix or WordPress? How much will it all cost? How to automate everything? How to stay legally compliant and avoid fines? These and tons of other questions are surely going through your head. 

And the problem of going with large marketing agencies is that they don’t empathize with your challenges. Because they haven’t been in your shoes. But we have.

That’s why we provide a comprehensive, no-code website creation service that addresses all your needs as a new business owner at a competitive price. Additionally, we offer guidance on expanding your online presence through tools like Google Search Console, Google Business, marketing tracking, and more.

Fast, affordable and professional website

Sounds like a “get-rich-fast” scheme, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. We just understand the importance of money, the urgency of time and value of professionality in every new business. That is why we made it our mission to support founders and small businesses like you with website creation, SEO and everything in between. Why? Because we were once where you are now and we know what it takes to make your dream a reality.

What you’ll get:

All website decisions taken for you so you can focus on your new business

Hosting, domain and SSL on All-inkl or Hostinger

WordPress website with elegant Divi themes and 4 pages

All essential plugins and functionality

Full security and GDPR compliance

3 legal pages and options for more

Essential SEO and beginner SEO guide

Continuous guidance and advising

And, of course, bonuses:


2 rounds of corrections

to give you a product that you’ll adore and rely on for many years


SEO guide

full of tips, key insights, & next steps for long-term SEO + discounts on landing pages


Pro designer collab

to help you stay on top of your brand from beginning to end


Photos and videos

to make sure your website tells the full story with discounted photography or videography

Our website creation is for you:

  • if you are launching a new business and want to make a strong start with a top-notch website,
  • if you can’t invest a lot but want a professional, modern and responsive website,
  • if you are not that tech-savvy and would prefer to outsource it to professionals,
  • if you don’t want the hassle of making any website-related decisions and just want to trust the experts.

Still not sure if this service is for you? Schedule a discovery call with us to ask us all your questions.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

The process


A comprehensive business questionnaire

To collect all the details about every single page you want, texts, keywords, design, functionalities and visuals.


A 2-hour website launch call

1:1 discovery time to uncover the heart of your business, your needs, and create the first plan of your website.



To thoroughly prepare your online presence we research competitors, trends, what works and doesn’t and what your audience wants to see.


Professional website in one short week

Sounds quick? But we’ve been doing this long enough to have effective systems in place to efficiently deliver you a top-notch website in one short week.


4 website pages + 3 legal pages

Typically Homepage, About us page, Service page, Contact page + Imprint, Cookie policy, Terms and Conditions.


2 rounds of feedback

To give you the final product that you’ll love and rely on for many years.

More reasons why you should get a professional website:


word of mouth referrals

57% of people will only recommend a brand if their website is well designed.


will judge your website

38.5% of users say they ”judge an entire business by how their website looks at first glance.”

sec to make good impression

7 seconds or less and the average person has already closed your website.


return visitors

9 out of 10 people will never return to a website after a bad experience.

Welcome to Content Fudge! We are a young team of content strategists, content creators, writers, designers, and video editors. Such combination helps us fully control the content we produce. We can cover everyting from canva brand tempaltes to the last emoji in your post. And we are so fudging good at it! 😉

“This is exactly what I need!🤩”

Let’s talk investment

Basic website price: €1500 + tax

Or two payments of €750 + tax

Yearly recurring price for your domain, hosting and SSL from €60.

Need more pages, more functionalities or an online store? Contact us for an offer.

We can also support you with yor company’s email creation on Google Workspace, website health monitoring on Google Search Console, Google and Meta statistics and marketing tracking.

Your way to a successful business starts here with us!