Social Media Content Strategy Workshop

For creators, solopreneurs, coaches, and service-based businesses

In today’s digital age, your story and expertise are not just valuable—they’re your ticket to a thriving online business. Whether you’re a creator, a solopreneur, a coach, or run a service-based business, the key to unlocking your online potential lies in strategic content creation.

Our Free Content Strategy Workshop offers you a comprehensive guide to finding clients and selling your services and products through educational content on one of the most powerful platforms of our time – Instagram.

On 25th of April in Vienna, Austria or on 26th of April online.

What you’ll learn:

  • A roadmap to a full-time income online
  • How to pick your main topic right from the start
  • How to think about content so you never run out of ideas
  • What people actually want – so you can give it to them
  • The only market research strategy you’ll ever need

Workshop outline:

  • What is content and content marketing
  • What is creators economy
  • How creators, solopreneurs, self-employed service-based businesses sell their services online
  • Overview of the social media selling structure
  • Your offer definition
  • Understanding content hierarchy and touchpoints
  • Creating your account (Bio, settings, all important elements and functions, thoughts on branding)
  • Developing content strategy (goals, research of competitors and the audience, reverse engineering tactics, topics, customer journey, content formats, content database and content calendar)
  • Content formats and templates
  • Batch creation process
  • Tools for content execution

Who should attend?

This workshop is meticulously designed for:

  • Creators looking to share their passion and expertise with the world.
  • Solopreneurs and coaches aiming to expand their reach and impact.
  • Service-based businesses ready to elevate their online presence and sales.
  • Product-based businesses seeking innovative strategies to market and sell on Instagram.

Where & When:

Option 1:
  • Date: 25.04.24
  • Time: 18:00
  • Location: Stromstraße 35, 1200, Vienna
Option 2:
  • Date: 26.04.24
  • Time: 18:00
  • Location: Online via Google Meet

Hi, I’m Anzhelika.

I’m Anzhelika, founder of Content Fudge, founder of U4Success, digital marketer, content creator, influencer, and former scientist. Yes, you heard it right—I worked as a scientist for 8 years, holding a PhD from VetMedUni. But my creativity was always too strong to be contained in a lab. That’s how I came to science communication, then to copywriting, and eventually to digital and social media marketing.

If you’re looking to start your own business, you’re in the same place I was not too long ago. Believe me, I understand the overwhelming feeling, the doubts, and the confusion about where to begin and how to proceed. Despite living in the age of abundant information, there’s still a lack of comprehensive resources on the internet that guide you through the process of starting a business from scratch. Of course, every business is different and there is no “fit-it-all-solution”. But many steps can be generalised to apply to different businesses.

I’ve personally launched two successful companies and guided 6 startups into their launch. I know what it takes to turn an idea into a real project. It’s not just about motivation or having a positive mindset – it’s about a structured and strategic approach to planning, executing, and scaling your business. I’m not your typical business coach, but I can offer you something valuable – marketing insights and techniques that will help you structure, automate and let you business run on “autopilot”.

Ready to start? Then let’s go!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Social Media Content Strategy Workshop?

Our workshop is a free, comprehensive guide designed to unlock your online presence through strategic content creation on Instagram. Whether you’re a creator, solopreneur, coach, or manage a service or product-based business, this workshop will teach you how to find clients and sell your services with educational content.


Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is perfect for creators, solopreneurs, coaches, service-based, and product-based businesses looking to share their passion and expertise, expand their reach and impact, elevate their online presence, and discover innovative strategies to market and sell on Instagram.


What will I learn?

You’ll learn a roadmap to earning a full-time income online, including how to: develop a content engine, choose your main topic, generate endless content ideas, understand what your audience wants, conduct effective market research, define your offer and organically generate leads.


Why should I attend?

Simply put – lot’s of valuabe knowledge, awesome people and Thursday bubbly 😉

Kick start your content with our free Workshop!