Perfect for:

New service-based business owners, product-based business owners, solopreneurs, coaches and content creators.

Social Media Content Strategy Template


Want to make creating high-quality content consistent, fast and easy without copying other accounts? Then you need a solid content strategy. And while all the blog articles and youtube videos are nice, having a fill-it-in yourself template is soooo much better. That’s why we made this resource. You just sit down, follow the instructions and fill things in. As easy as that 😉. The perk is – you never need to ask yourself the question – “What should I post next?”. Because you will know. It will all be in here, in this nice little (120 pages 😅) template.

What’s inside:

The breakdown


Strategic content planning guide

 A step-by-step guide to crafting compelling content that aligns with your business goals and what your audience wants.


Competitor reverse engineering strategy

A step-by-step process to analysing your competitors and understanding what make them tick.


Full audience exploration framework

To understand who you are making content for and how to get them to become your clients.


7 Instagram checklists

Checklist of everything you need daily, weekly, monthly and quaterly on IG + how to write a perfect Bio to maximise conversions and trust.


4 growth tactics

Actionable tactics to increase reach grow your account (even without posting).


Explanation of the complete IG journey for a service-based business

From discovery to scaling, you’ll find all the steps and goals your business should set to win clients and generate sales on Instagram with content.


Visual content guide

Advice on creating high-quality carousels and reels while maintaining a consistent aesthetic and voice that aligns with your brand identity.


High-converting Bio guide

Everything your Bio should containt to turn followers into customers.

Say goodbye to asking ‘What to post?’ and always know your next move!