Website Copywriting Services

It’s a word science, art and magic!

And we are the scientists, artists and magicians who can breathe life into your new website or give it a complete word makeover.

Expert, strategic and authentic content marketing, content strategy, content creation and social media solutions to elevate your brand's online presence and reach your audience. Kompetentes, strategisches und authentisches Content-Marketing, Content-Strategie, Content-Erstellung und Social-Media-Lösungen, um die Online-Präsenz Ihrer Marke zu verbessern und Ihr Zielgruppe zu erreichen.

Signature website copywriting for new and old sites

These are not just words. Good copywriting has the power to amplify your business, place you as an industry leader, and sell on autopilot. No more tired cliches or generic AI-written texts. Just a website that sounds like you, says the right things and brings real results.

Are you ready to stand out in the sea of meaningless words?

Why use professional website copywriting services?

Because the reality is – you’ve got precisely 7 seconds to make a smashing first impression with your website. So, why roll the dice?

Crafting your website’s copy with with a dash of strategic magic isn’t just clever; it’s pure genius. It can increase market awareness, website traffic, and sales going ka-ching! It can build a real deal connection with your audience, nudging them to hit that buy, book, or sign-up button. And most importantly, it can convey your true personality leaving a mark that will last for years to come. Are you already convinced?

Let’s talk technicalities.

What you’ll get:

6 pages of Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copy in under 2 weeks

Industry and keyword research & selection

Duplicate content analysis

Optimized header tags and website content structure

Titles , slugs & meta descriptions

Essential SEO and beginner SEO guide

Continuous guidance and advising

And, of course, bonuses:


2 rounds of corrections

to give you a product that you’ll adore and rely on for many years


SEO guide

full of tips, key insights, & next steps for long-term SEO + discounts on landing pages


Pro designer collab

to help you stay on top of your brand from beginning to end


10% off on landing pages

more strategic writing to maximise conversions and your online presence

Got something cool to launch with your site?

Let our landing pages do it for you!

In a matter of 8-10 weeks we can deliver a long-form sales page with branded sales copy to maximise your lead generation, conversions or sign-ups. And, of course, nowhere without a solid email funnel (8 nurture and sell emails) and a social strategy to come with it.

How we will do it:

The process


A comprehensive business questionnaire

To collect all the details about your business, goals and marketing activities before we meet, so we can prepare & optimize our time.


A detailed industry research

To thoroughly assess your brand’s online presence and pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement.


A 2-hour project launch call

Discovery process: 1:1 time to uncover the heart of your business, delve into your brand voice, and gain a deep understanding of your audience.


6 pages of premium website copy

Typically homepage, services page, about page, and two pages of your choice or whatever 5 pages you prefer + contact page.


2 rounds of revision

To give you a perfected product that you’ll love and rely on for many years.

Discover expert content marketing solutions to elevate your brand's online presence. Our website offers tailored strategies, insightful analytics, and creative content creation to engage your audience and drive growth. Transform your digital marketing with our proven methods and innovative approaches.

“This is exactly what I need!🤩”

Let’s talk investment

Website copywriting: €3,000 + tax

Landing page and sales funnel: €4,500 + tax

Need more pages, more emails or more strategy? Contact us for an offer.

Words of our clients:

Anzhelika is one of the most resorceful and driven people I’ve met. She is not only extremely passionate about content creation and management, she is also extremely social media-savvy. She helped me define the concept and image of my company, and always had a great piece of advice for every occasion. Her knowledge and her passion make her the perfect partner to entrust with your social media presence, no doubt!

Manel Llado, PhD

Scientific writer, CRISPR Corner

I can’t say enough about Anzhelika and the Content Fudge team! They’re like the superhero of our content marketing team. Always there when you need them and ready to tackle any challenge with a smile. I’ve never seen someone so dedicated and committed and if there are any deadlines, or crazy projects – Anzhelika and her team takes it on with ease.
She knows the content marketing game inside out and is very knowledgeable. It’s like she has a sixth sense for what our audience wants. And the best part if you need any help or advice? She has got your back.
But it’s not just the work stuff that’s awesome. Anzhelika is young motivated and just a cool person to be around and work with. Super approachable, friendly, and always up for a good laugh.
In a nutshell, Anzhelika is the heart and soul of our content team, and I am super happy to work with her. If you want someone who’s not just good at what they do but also fun to work with, look no further.

Manuel Tauber

Founder and CEO, U4Success

I recently had the pleasure of working with Anzhelika, a social media manager and content creator whose expertise and dedication truly stand out in her field. As someone navigating the complexities of a startup, I found Anzhelika’s patience and understanding invaluable. Her ability to be consistently present and ready to assist at every turn made a significant difference in our progress. One of Anzhelika’s most commendable qualities is her analytical prowess. She has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of social media dynamics, which is evident in her precise and insightful presentations. Every report she produces is not only on point but also meticulously organized, making complex information digestible and easy to process. This clarity in communication is a rare skill and has been instrumental in our strategy development. Moreover, Anzhelika’s approach to client interaction is exemplary. She takes the time to describe each step of the process in detail, fostering a learning environment that is both informative and empowering. Her guidance gives a sense of confidence and trust, making it clear that she genuinely cares about our project’s success.
What truly sets Anzhelika apart is her intuitive understanding of client needs. She has an exceptional talent for asking the right questions, ones that get to the heart of what we are trying to achieve. This ability not only ensures that our strategies are well-aligned with our goals but also demonstrates her commitment to delivering tailored solutions.
Anzhelika is more than just a social media manager and content creator; she is a dedicated professional who brings a blend of expertise, patience, and insightful understanding to her work. Her contributions have been a major factor in our project’s growth and success. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking to elevate their social media presence.
You are the best! 🙂
Theia Muca

Founder and CEO, Enso

First, when I met Anzhelika something told me that she could be helpful for my startup face yoga business. I had no clue how to do online marketing, so I asked her for her help. She agreed, even though the terms of our agreement were not the best for her.

But despite that, Anzhelika put in a lot of effort and energy to help me get my business off the ground. She was eager to come up with an exact structure for my business, new ideas, and she was also 10 times faster than me. She also pushed me to do more, which was all I needed. She added structure to my business, and she even came to my place so we could make videos for my business accounts to gain followers and potential clients. She was also patient and willing to teach me how to use Canva and InShot, so I could create my own professional-looking social media graphics and videos 🤩

I really liked her structured work and how she moved things forward. Now, my Instagram profile looks professional, and I am easily catching clients. She never forgets to check in with me to check my work and to make sure I’m not behind. I am really thankful for her, knowing that I can soon return all her investment, energy, and time she put in me. She is a really hard worker, and I love that!

My business has moved ahead so fast since I met her. And I am so happy for my decision to contact her in the first place! I am recommending to work with Anzhelika, as she is not just a talker but a hands-on girl.

Thank you, Anzhelika!

Katka Sedlak

Founder , Face Yogis Club

I’m grateful to Anzhelika that she helped me automate my booking system. I didn’t even have to ask, she saw an improvement opportunity and offered me to help me with it. It made my life sooo much easier! Automated booking saves me time and I can focus on my client’s relationship and my work. I’m very thankful for this! Anzhelika is always ready to help to take the new step in my business. Such drive and energy is rare to find.

Anna Renner

Cosmetologist, Stay SWEET

Anzhelika hat mich bezüglich meiner Social Media Kampagne für meine anlaufenden DJ Workshops für Anfänger und des Aufbaus

der hierfür notwendigen Landing Page kompetent beraten. Sie zeichnet sich durch Ihr Wissen und Ihre Erfahrung als Social Media

Expertin aus. Sie ist verlässlich und ihr Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis stimmt. Jederzeit wieder!

Lorenzo Härtel

CEO, Musician, Lorenzo Music

You’ve got precisely 7 seconds to make a smashing first impression with your website. So why leave it up to a chance?

Here’re more details about our copywriting services.

Website copywriting

Identifying your unique offer, voice and message to strategically attract the right people and, of course, sell 😉

Sales funnel

Selling without trying are not just nice words. We create automated sales funnels that sell even while you sleep.

Website copywriting

What you get:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Service page
  • 2 extra pages
  • Contact page
  • 2 rounds of corrections


€3,000 + tax


8-10 days

Your benefits:

  • You get a high quality website copy that can boost conversion rates by more than 100%
  • You get a strong, authentic voice through copy that builds rapport with your audience
  • You get a uniquely crafted offer in your brand’s tone of voice
  • We ensure that what you say and how you say it can convince visitors to click, buy, sign up, or even do a happy dance 😉
  • Discounted product or branding photography

Sales Funnel

What’s included:

  • Long-form sales page
  • Lead generation system with a lead magnet
  • Automated email funnel with 8 emails (nurture and sales)
  • Social strategy with 10 nurture and sell captions


€4,500 + tax


8-10 weeks

Your benefits:

  • You get a killer landing page with a sharp copy, no distractions leading your visitors to buy, book or sign up
  • You get all the right elements that can make your landing page increase your conversion rates exponentially
  • You get an email funnel that nurtures and guides your visitors down the path to purchase. And, by the way, did you know that email marketing has an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent?​
  • You get a personalized email campaign that makes your customers feel seen, heard, and valued
  • You get a well-structured email funnel that doesn’t just aim for a quick sale but for fostering a relationship that yields repeat business and referrals

Let your website do the talking, we’ll do the writing