Must have for service-based businesses looking for clients on social media

Social Media Content Strategy

Missed my Social Media Content Strategy Webinar? No worries! Download my slides here to go through the notes on your own.

What’s included in the Social Media Content Strategy Handouts:


Content Planning and Strategy

It details various aspects of creating and managing social media content, including the reasons to post, understanding the target audience, and the problems that content aims to solve.


Business and Marketing Goals

The SMCS Handout links content strategy directly to business and marketing goals, providing a structured approach to how content supports these objectives.


Monetization and Revenue

It discusses how brands, influencers, and content creators generate income through Instagram, emphasizing various revenue streams and the Offer Suite System.


Competitive Analysis and Research

The notes mention the importance of understanding competitors and the target market, suggesting ways to differentiate and position content strategically.


Engagement and Growth Strategies

It includes strategies for engaging with an audience and growing a social media presence, discussing the effectiveness of different content types and formats, and tactical advice on posting frequency and timing.


Detailed Steps and Tools

The document provides a step-by-step approach to content creation, from initial goal setting and audience research to detailed content planning and execution strategies.

Hi, I’m Anzhelika.

I’m Anzhelika, founder of Content Fudge, founder of U4Success, digital marketer, content creator, influencer, and former scientist. Yes, you heard it right—I worked as a scientist for 8 years, holding a PhD from VetMedUni. But my creativity was always too strong to be contained in a lab. That’s how I came to science communication, then to copywriting, and eventually to digital and social media marketing.

If you’re looking to start your own business, you’re in the same place I was not too long ago. Believe me, I understand the overwhelming feeling, the doubts, and the confusion about where to begin and how to proceed. Despite living in the age of abundant information, there’s still a lack of comprehensive resources on the internet that guide you through the process of starting a business from scratch. Of course, every business is different and there is no “fit-it-all-solution”. But many steps can be generalised to apply to different businesses.

I’ve personally launched two successful companies and guided 6 startups into their launch. I know what it takes to turn an idea into a real project. It’s not just about motivation or having a positive mindset – it’s about a structured and strategic approach to planning, executing, and scaling your business. I’m not your typical business coach, but I can offer you something valuable – marketing insights and techniques that will help you structure, automate and let you business run on “autopilot”.

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